Faith In Strangers — Info

About Faith In Strangers

Faith In Strangers is a 300 capac­i­ty com­bined arts venue with a focus on music, but a strong inter­est in every­thing else. Cen­tered around our cus­tom-built sound sys­tem Posei­don’.

An open-plan space with scenes across Mar­gate’s kalei­do­scop­ic skies and sea, sun­sets are a promi­nent fea­ture of the venue util­is­ing the far-reach­ing views of the horizon. 

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Artis­tic Vision & Music Policy

Our ambi­tion is to cul­ti­vate an audi­ence that encour­ages and sup­ports artists, per­form­ers & DJ’s, to explore their curiosi­ties, new styles and forms or find inter­est­ing ways to appre­ci­ate her­itage and old influ­ences. Our music pol­i­cy is formed by, but not restrict­ed to, a pas­sion for elec­tron­ic music, dis­co, rar­i­ties, psy­che­del­ic & exper­i­men­tal endeav­ours. Explor­ing unheard music and shar­ing it, cre­at­ing an atmop­shere to take the audeince to dif­fer­ent places.

Faith In Strangers is about the trust between peo­ple that cre­ates moments of uni­ty; Com­mon ground for uncom­mon expe­ri­ences. We give artists the room to exper­i­ment and shape these moments. We are not inter­est­ed in gener­ic, crowd pleasers’ and music you could hear at any bar across the UK

So far we’ve had a diverse range of selec­tors, DJ’s and live elec­tron­ic acts as we gear up to launch the live music stage. Some artists we’ve had play below.


  • Capacity: 300

  • Operating Hours: 18:00 - 02:30

  • Serving: Cocktails, wines, rare spirits, pints, low ABV and more

  • Poseidon Sound System & Multichannel Sound

  • Broadcast Venue


The venue is cen­tered around our bespoke Posei­don’ sound sys­tem. It also hosts a unique mul­ti­chan­nel array set up of Funk­tion One speak­ers with Full Fat Audio amps. 20 speak­ers placed around the venue cre­ates the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make spa­tial sound scapes along with sep­a­rate indi­vid­ual out­puts, evok­ing a sense of the­atre that immers­es the audi­ence from enter­ing the build­ing. They are also used as fillers to cre­ate a bal­anced sound.

Margate Electronics
Margate Electronics

We have also designed and built our own bespoke light­ing sys­tem that sur­rounds the perime­ter of the venue with sin­gle-pix­el address­able LEDS. These have been designed to be more atmos­pher­ic rather than intru­sive, offer­ing reac­tive mood light­ing. We want the light­ing to com­pli­ment the music and add anoth­er dimen­sion, not over­pow­er and over­stage the audio.

Pride 2023
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DSC 0089
Stairway Of Faith
Poseidon Speakers
Margate Modular
DSC09052 2
Sunset Cocktails
DSC09021 3

Speakers & Amps

We have over 20 individual speakers placed around the venue that we can send audio individually to. Creating sound scapes but also seperate environmental control. There is an ongoing pursuit of creating better sound within the venue, refining our room acoustics and further tuning of our sound systems.

MAIN FRONT PA - Custom built Poseidon Sound System (for info go here)

  • Tops: Horn led-2 x 2 15" 18 Sounds and B&C compression drivers.
  • Subs: 18" 18 Sounds.
  • Amplification: Linear Research 48 Series M20


  • Klipsch Cornwall IV's
  • Icon Audio la4 Valve Amp
  • Bryston Power amp


  • Funktion One F81 x 14 (perimeter of mainspace)
  • Funktion One F118 subs x 2
  • Funktion One F55 x 1 (Stairs)
  • Funktion One F55 x 1 (Toilets)
  • Full Fat Audio 6004 x 3
  • FFA 10000
  • M-audio x 2 (Entrance Hallway)
  • Akai X 2 / Cambridge audio (Lobby)


  • KV2 Audio EX10 X 2
  • RCF NX 12-SMA X 3
Joy Orbison


Our control system lies tidied away behind the scenes with control sent to the broadcast suite. We can set up monitoring from Ipad tablets. We are also able to multitrack the recordings.

Stage has 32/8 Analogue and 16/8 Slink I/O

  • Allen & Heath SQ6 (Stage)
  • Allen & Heath SQ5 (House/art) (Dante expansion)
  • Allen & Heath Expansion I/O (For multichannel Audio)
  • Allen & Heath Slink DT168 (16 in 8 Out - XLR) (Stage Box)
  • Allen & Heath AR 84 (8 in 4 out XLR) DJ Box
  • Sssnake MC328 (32 In 8 Out)
  • Sssnake MC 8 Multicore MK II (Sub Snake)
  • Dante AVIO output and input units - XLR to Ethernet.
  • Dante sound controller and virtual sound card licenses.
  • Mixer Ipad Tablet
Sound Mastering


  • Technics SL-1210 MK7 x 2 with Audio Technica XP7
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2 x 2
  • Allen and Heath Xone 96
  • Pioneer DJM 900NXS
  • Audio Technica Weights,scales, level measure.
  • Concrete and neoprene rubber isolation.

Mics & DI

  • Shure 58 x 3
  • Shure Beta 58a
  • Shure 57 x 3
  • Shure Beta 57a
  • Shure Beta 91a
  • Shure Beta 52a
  • AKG 414 x 2
  • Sennheiser E904 x 3
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Audio Technica ATM25 x 4
  • Audio Technica ATM33a
  • Audio Technica AT8532 x 2
  • Audio Technica Pro 44 x 2 (ambient mics)
  • Stands - Short/Tall/Podcast
  • Radial J48 DI Box x 2
  • Radial Pro DI x 2


Stage Dimensions:

Table Riser - 2m x 1m

Table Riser - 2m x 0.5m

Table Riser - 2m x 0.5

Margate Electronics


Our venue has been designed in detail to create a unique atmosphere based around our own custom built lighting set up. All the lighting can sync to audio and other data sources. We have a simple stage lighting set up as, designed just to add atmosphere and to light talent.

  • Bespoke 177 Addressable Pixel Wall Lights x 11 surrounding the perimeter of the main space.
  • Bespoke 12 Steps Address Pixel Light Tunnel
  • Mirror Ball
  • Eurolite LED PST-10 QCL Spot x 4
  • ADJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus X 4
  • Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW
  • Varytec BAT.Trusslight RGBW
  • Varytec Hero Beam 100
  • 2 x Photogrpahy Lighting (tall)
  • 2 x Photogrpahy Lighting (short)
  • Addressable bar lighting control
  • Toilet cubicles and main lighting control, custom jukebox control.
  • Resolume / Ableton
Stairway Of Faith

Video & Broadcast

Our recording, broadcasting and editing facilities will grow over time. Our aim is to develop an experimental approach to blending the informal, the voyeuristic and the live studio approaches to video format.

  • Sony AS7II (4k)
  • Sigma 24-70mm
  • Sigma 50mm Prime
  • Zhi Yun Crane 2S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
  • Birddog 4K PTZ camera
  • Logictech Briostream (4k)
  • Roland VR 50HD II
  • Hollyland MARS 400S PRO Wireless SDI HDMI
  • ATOMOS Ninja V Monitor
  • Blackmagic Video Capture Card 4k
  • Tripods x 2
  • Multiple displays
  • Remote Tablet Control
  • Broadcast Machine - AMD 5950 CPU,128 GB Ram, NVidea RTX3090 Super, HDs,
  • Events & Arts Machine- Content and control over art installations, projection, lighting. Nvidea RTX 2070 Super
  • 32:9 Radio ultrawide HDR Screen x 2
  • Ableton
  • Adode Creative suite

Misc & Building

  • Bioadaptive architectural lighting (circadian lighting)
  • Osram Spot lighting for highlighting
  • Panasonic Air Conditioning x 7
  • Remote Door Entry
  • 20 x CCTV
  • Building Control Machine / Linux Server - Nvidia GTX 1650, i9 8960HK 6 Cores, 16GB DDR4 - automation and data server, controlled with remote tablet app.
  • Power - 3phase / 32Amp sockets
  • Internet - Leased Line 100mbps up/down
  • Remote Door Entry


  • Hearing Loop (coming soon)
  • Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access.