SeavĀ­iew CulĀ­turĀ­al Venue on the Cliff šŸŒŠ CusĀ­tom-built ā€‹ā€˜PoseiĀ­don Sound Systemā€™ šŸ”Š

Weā€™re an IndeĀ­penĀ­dant venue in Cliftonville, MarĀ­gate pushĀ­ing sounds through our cusĀ­tom built sound sysĀ­tem. DJā€™s and selecĀ­tors from around the world with supĀ­port from our local resĀ­iĀ­dents. Weā€™re gearĀ­ing up for more live music, comĀ­eĀ­dy, talks and more!

The perĀ­fect venue for large gathĀ­erĀ­ings, book your birthĀ­day or speĀ­cial event via priĀ­vate hire or groups up to 16 can book through the reserĀ­vaĀ­tions link.

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Our ambiĀ­tion is to culĀ­tiĀ­vate an audiĀ­ence that encourĀ­ages and supĀ­ports artists, perĀ­formĀ­ers & DJā€™s, to explore their curiosiĀ­ties, new styles and forms or find interĀ­estĀ­ing ways to appreĀ­ciĀ­ate herĀ­itage and old influĀ­ences. Our music polĀ­iĀ­cy is formed by, but not restrictĀ­ed to, a pasĀ­sion for elecĀ­tronĀ­ic music, disĀ­co, rarĀ­iĀ­ties, psyĀ­cheĀ­delĀ­ic & experĀ­iĀ­menĀ­tal endeavĀ­ours. ExplorĀ­ing unheard music and sharĀ­ing it, creĀ­atĀ­ing an atmopĀ­shere to take the audeince to difĀ­ferĀ­ent places.

Faith In Strangers is about the trust between peoĀ­ple that creĀ­ates moments of uniĀ­ty; ComĀ­mon ground for uncomĀ­mon expeĀ­riĀ­ences. We give artists the room to experĀ­iĀ­ment and shape these moments. We are not interĀ­estĀ­ed in generĀ­ic,ā€‹ā€˜crowd pleasersā€™ and music you could hear at any bar across the UK

So far weā€™ve had a diverse range of selecĀ­tors, DJā€™s and live elecĀ­tronĀ­ic acts as we gear up to launch the live music stage. Some artists weā€™ve had play below.


Weā€™re a DIY space with a tiny but highĀ­ly effecĀ­tive team. Weā€™ve built and designed everyĀ­thing from the ground up.

Audio & Acoustics

Massive geeks on sound, from the very beginning we've thought about the acoustics of the build, angled ceilings and walls, acoustic treatments and finely tuned sound systems. We have our own custom built sound system 'Poseidon' - which is an audiophile PA system, meaning it's both suitable for high fidelty listening and live music that requires a fast impulse response.

Poseidon Speakers

Lighting & Art

We've also designed and built our own custom dynamic light & art installations, built within the structure of the building to create an ever changing immersive experience.

Stairway of Faith

We have a strong focus on elecĀ­tronĀ­ic music but will also be putting on music from around the world, Jazz, ClasĀ­siĀ­cal, live AmbiĀ­ent and TechĀ­no, Noise, Bosa Nova etc.

Through The Noise Feb 24

An open plan space with scenes across MarĀ­gateā€™s kaleiĀ­doĀ­scopĀ­ic skies and sea, sunĀ­sets are a promiĀ­nent feaĀ­ture of the venue utilĀ­isĀ­ing the far-reachĀ­ing views of the horizon. 

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Can I have my birthday/wedding/wake at Faith In Strangers?

Check out our Private Hire page. Please contact us to talk through your plans. We can hire out the 'Terrace Lounge' or full venue hire.

What if I want to put on a show at Faith In Strangers?

Please check out our arts policy and have a look through our previous events to get a feel for our programming. Contact us with your ideas and plans.

Is Faith In Strangers a safe and inclusive space for me and my friends?

At Faith in Strangers, we strive for providing respect, equality and opportunity for all. We aim to promote artists and performers of all demographics, and are proud to champion our female-led management. We have a panel of advisors and policies to guide us but we are adapting and learning along the way and are willing to engage in discussions on how we can improve, as well as a dedicated safeguarding lead and mental health first aider. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.