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Welcome to the best kept secret in town: Margate’s seaview venue, bar & kitchen. reservations@​faithinstrangers.​co.​uk // 01843621337

Faith In Strangers is the per­fect, unique venue for your next event. This is your chance to host an event at an icon­ic venue of the future.

It’s been built as a mod­ern dis­cothèque so is ide­al for cor­po­rate cel­e­bra­tions, par­ties and large get-togeth­ers such as birth­days and wed­ding receptions.

We offer full venue hire for pri­vate events of all sizes and uses along with par­tial hire via our Ter­race Lounge which is per­fect for small­er gatherings.

We want to help make your event a suc­cess, so please talk to us about your plans and we will be hap­py to help.


Full Venue

Our venue is perfect for product launches, brand takeovers, large birthdays, celebrations, weddings and corporate events. Full Venue hire is available on the weekends and weekday evenings or in special circumstances available any day of the week.

Capacity: 350 Standing / 140 Seated

Terrace Lounge

If you're planning an event, birthday party, work’s do, reunion or any large get together, our Terrace Lounge is perfect to host your gathering. Your group can take over the space with two large banquet tables, soft seating and private use of the seaview terrace, whilst still having access to the main venue.

Capacity: Seated 44 or 100 standing.

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Hid­den from the pub­lic view, jour­ney on up the secret entrance and through two bespoke light and audio art instal­la­tions (which you can cus­tomise to your pref­er­ence) to an envi­ron­ment that’s been designed from the ground up to stim­u­late all the sens­es and inter­act with the audi­ence to cre­ate that awe inspir­ing fac­tor that will kick the events off with a high ener­gy atmos­phere from all of your attendees. 

To car­ry on inspir­ing the ener­gy, you could cus­tomise the playlist on our bespoke built juke­box in the restrooms.

At our bar & restau­rant, we offer a selec­tion of bespoke cock­tails, often with an Asian twist such as the Sriracha Spritz or Japan­ese Shandy, along with most of the clas­sics. Our wine list fea­tures a vari­ety of options, along with our cho­sen pair­ings that go well with our food. For beer lovers, we have ten rotat­ing taps fea­tur­ing local and inter­na­tion­al selections.


We have a ful­ly fit­ted out pro­fes­sion­al kitchen, we cur­rent­ly work with cater­ers and can host your own chefs if need be.

MK4 0373
Japanese Shandy
Jan 2023 019
Tommy's Margarita
Jordons shots 029
Lavender Sour
Smoke & Mirrors
Jan 2023 014
Jan 2023 028
MK4 0310
MK4 0252
MK4 0045
Jan 2023 005
Jan 2023 023
Kojii group

The go to choice for wed­dings, agency days and film wrap par­ties and more, recent­ly host­ing one of the best known film direc­tors in the world, Sam Mendes, after fin­ish­ing his recent Empire Of Light’ film here in Margate.

For me it was by far the best wrap par­ty I’ve been to”

Celia Duv­el: Co-pro­duc­er for the Sam Mendes film Empire Of Light’ 

Empire Of Light Sam Mendes Wrap Party

Ross & Ally’s wed­ding cel­e­bra­tions with cater­ing, music and great pho­to oppor­tu­nites with our bespoke art installations. 

Ross & Ally's Wedding

Your par­ty is part of some­thing bigger…

If you’re book­ing the Ter­race Lounge, remem­ber, we have an ongo­ing cul­tur­al pro­gramme booked in advance so there may be shows and events going on in the venue whilst youre hav­ing your party. 

We house the best DJ’s and musi­cal selec­tors from around the world. Acts such as Horse Meat Dis­co, Luke Una, Mr Scruff, Coco Maria, Char­lie Bones, Mafal­a­da, Colleen​‘Cos­mo’ Mur­phy, George Fitzger­ald, Crazy P, Greg Wil­son, Homo­elec­tric, DJ Paulette, Low Life/​Bill Brew­ster, Joe God­dard Hot Chip, Alex­is Hot Chip, Dis­co Blood­bath, Ash­ley Bee­dle. We also have superb DJ res­i­dents that can sound­track your event.

In order to avoid clash­ing with our cul­tur­al pro­gramme, appli­ca­tions for Full Venue hire should be made sev­er­al months in advance unless they are planned to take on days that Faith In Strangers is usu­al­ly closed.

Lavander Sours
Lavander Sours
Ally Ross 680
Ally Ross 680
Picturesque sea views
Picturesque sea views

Get in con­tact to find out more how we can work together.

  • 350 Capacity

  • Fully operating Bar

  • Audiophile Sound

  • In-House Catering

  • Resident DJ Roster

  • Bespoke and Custom Lighting

  • Audio Equipment on site

  • Video Equipment on site

  • Super fast Internet

  • Events Manager Support

We take our sound seriously.

The first thing you’ll notice about Faith In Strangers is the amaz­ing views, the sec­ond might be how good the venue sounds. Archi­tec­tural­ly designed with acoustic pan­elling and angled walls has cre­at­ed a son­i­cal­ly sound hous­ing for the high end audio systems.

The venue hosts a unique mul­ti­-chan­nel array set up of Funk­tion One speak­ers. 24 of them are placed around the venue which cre­ates the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make spa­tial sound scapes along with sep­a­rate indi­vid­ual out­puts, evok­ing a sense of the­atre that immers­es the audi­ence from enter­ing the building.

What does this mean? — You’ll be able to greet your guests with pre-record­ed audio con­tent in all the dif­fer­ent zones as you please, as your guests enter the venue, walk­ing through the hall­way, up the stairs, in the restroom and in the dif­fer­ent areas of the main space too. Per­fect for a brand launch or to intro the evening and con­tin­u­al­ly engage over the course of the event.

DSC03671 Enhanced NR

We also have the high-fideli­ty audio­phile Klip­sch Corn­wall speak­ers run­ning through Icon Audio valve pre­amps and Dual Quad QSP pow­er amps which cre­ate one of the most beau­ti­ful sound­ing set ups avail­able, for the per­fect high­est of qual­i­ty back­ground music, though they can also go loud if needed!

Sunset Cocktails
Lavander Sours
Nikka Highball
Raven Bush
Nadia & Jenn
West Side
Stairway Of Faith


Can I decorate?

Depending on the decoration, we may charge extra if it requires extra cleaning. We don't allow anything that damages our interior such as blue tac or tape. We prefer to avoid the use of glitter.

Can I or my mate DJ?

Only on a full private hire. There will be costs assocaited with renting the DJ equipment as well as security deposits.

Can we bring our own food/drink?

Generally speaking no but there are some exceptions (corkage on fine wine for instance), please contact us outlining your needs.

We have a fully fitted high-spec kitchen and can tailor a menu to your requirements.