Explor­ing cock­tails, wines, ver­mouths and rare spir­its. Ten taps are on rota­tion. Menu’s are com­ing soon. For reservations@​faithinstrangers.​co.​uk

Bar 2

We invite you to Margate’s new bar and cul­tur­al venue, where strangers become friends.


Can I bring my child / dog / llama?

No children will be allowed on the premises beyond 18:00, unless at a dining or performance event.

When we open up during the day, for instance Saturday brunch you can on the proviso they don’t upset everyone else.

Some events will not be suitable for children, please check in advance.

Are you a members bar?

We aren't a members bar. W'll be open to the public from 6pm, Thursday - Saturday. During the working week we are a Workspace which is membership based, like other coworking spaces.

Can I pay with card and cash?

We only accept card payments - that includes contactless, apple pay, google pay etc.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

Not usually but sometimes we host events that are ticketed, check What’s On. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance but they may be available on the door too.