We’ll be updat­ing this page often for you to lis­ten and dis­cov­er the acts we have put on and will do in the near future.


The UK’s own Ed DMX, the man behind the ground­break­ing labels Breakin’ Records and Fresh Up, is bring­ing his vin­tage mix of instru­men­tal elec­tro, syn­th­pop, and tech­no to the sea­side! Hav­ing debuted in 1995 and graced the cat­a­logues of leg­endary labels such as Aphex Twin’s Rephlex, DMX Krew is a force that has con­tin­u­al­ly reshaped elec­tron­ic music. From ambi­ent to acid, his sounds are ever-evolv­ing, with the most recent EP​“Seri­ous” dropped just last month. Don’t miss the chance to wit­ness this maestro’s live set — it’s a rare delight to have him down in Margate!


Glasgow’s Night­wave is more than just a DJ — she’s a pro­duc­er, vocal­ist, and club pro­mot­er with an impres­sive track record. Hav­ing released on labels such as Opti­mo Music and Hot­flush, and col­lab­o­rat­ed with the likes of Franz Fer­di­nand, her sets are noth­ing short of a musi­cal jour­ney. From Detroit tech­no to old rave nos­tal­gia, Night­wave guar­an­tees a set that will keep the dance floor in per­pet­u­al motion.


Zakia is a DJ, radio host, audio producer, and writer. With a keen interest in music, arts, mental health, and history, Zakia Sewell has carved a niche for herself in the broadcasting and music realms. She has been affiliated with prestigious platforms like BBC Radio 4, the World Service, and Boiler Room, where she produced numerous audio documentaries covering a wide array of topics including music, social justice, identity politics, science, and history​1​.

In addition to her production work, Zakia hosts shows on NTS Radio, a notable platform where she showcases her DJ skills and shares music that resonates with her. Her radio shows are not only a testament to her musical prowess but also a medium through which she explores and expresses her thoughts on heritage, mental health, and the transformative power of music​.


Mafalda is a Portuguese DJ based in London, known for her show "Tropic of Love" and her unique inclination towards soul, jazz, bossa, and other heartwarming sounds. Through her sets of tropical jazz, soul, RnB, and other genres, she brings warmth to London, celebrating values of peace, love, unity, and hope.


Originally from Mexico and now based in Europe, Coco Maria is known for her unique selection of high vibration music, particularly afro-latin rhythms from South and Central America, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Her music ranges from jazz to samba, latin-funk, and cumbia, blending joyful and obscure gems from sunnier, far-off places​.


Joy Orbison, born Peter O'Grady, is a notable figure in the electronic music scene, recognized for his unique fusion of UK garage, house, and dubstep. He rose to fame in 2009 with his debut single "Hyph Mngo," which became a hit in the UK underground. Joy Orbison's style is characterized by its atmospheric sound, blending different genres in innovative ways. His London upbringing and family's musical background significantly influenced his career. Known for both his production and DJing skills, he continues to shape the UK's electronic music landscape.


Deptford Northern Soul Club, founded by Will Foot and Lewis Henderson in Deptford, London, is known for revitalizing Northern Soul music. Their events, characterized by energetic DJ sets of rare and classic Northern Soul tracks, aim to recreate the lively atmosphere of the 1960s and 70s soul scene. Catering to both long-time fans and new listeners, the club has played a crucial role in introducing younger generations to Northern Soul, maintaining the genre's vibrant culture through authentic vinyl DJing.


A collective formed by Luke Howard, Severino Panzetta, James Hillard, and Jim Stanton, known for revitalizing the original dance music genre. They began their journey on New Year's Day, 2004, at The Eagle, Vauxhall in London. They've established a powerful presence in queer and club culture, with their name stemming from a quirky newspaper headline about horse meat found in salami​!


Crazy P is an English electronic music group formed around 1995 by Chris Todd and Jim Baron, known for their house, neo-disco, and alternative dance music. They have been active in the British dance music scene for over 15 years, blending genres like deep house, disco, and electronica. The group is led by Danielle Moore, with producers Hot Toddy, Ron Basejam, Tim Davies, and Matt Klose, known for making moody, funky music with a raw attitude!


A prominent figure in Manchester's party scene since the 1980s, known for his eclectic music sets blending various genres like soul, funk, spiritual jazz, Brazilian music with house, and techno. He's notably associated with influential club nights like Electric Chair and Homoelectric. Check out his recent series of compilations! e soul cultura!


A dynamic presence in the DJ scene, Paulette is known for her vibrant mix of house, techno, and eclectic beats. Highlight her decades-long career, her passion for music, and her ability to energize any crowd.


Fitzgerald is a celebrated figure in electronic music, known for his emotive and deep house tracks. Mention his critically acclaimed albums, his talent for blending electronic genres, and his captivating live performances.


Alexis Taylor, from the band Hot Chip, is known for his innovative electronic music. Focus on his contributions to Hot Chip, his solo projects, and his distinct style that merges indie electronic with synth-pop.


An English record producer and DJ from Manchester known for his playful and groove-heavy mixture of house, disco, jazz, and breaks. He's also recognized for his distinctive cartoon artwork which he describes as "potato-style." He's been producing dancefloor classics for over 25 years.


Charlie Bones is known for hosting the NTS Radio's "Do!! You!!!" show and has also started a label called Do You Records. He is known for his unique radio show, which he admits could be an acquired taste due to its eclectic nature​.


A collective celebrated for their inclusive and vibrant club nights. Emphasize their dedication to LGBTQ+ communities, their eclectic music selections, and their legendary parties that celebrate diversity and unity


Mário Rui Silva is a multifaceted Angolan artist, blending the roles of guitarist, singer, and composer. Born in Luanda in 1953, Silva was heavily influenced by Liceu Vieira Dias, a prominent figure in Angolan popular music. This mentorship allowed Silva to develop a deep understanding of Angola's musical culture, both technically and spiritually​​​​. Time Capsule records hosted a live show at ours!


Brewster, a DJ and music historian, is known for his deep knowledge of music and his eclectic DJ sets. Mention his contributions to music journalism, his expertise in a wide range of genres, and his ability to create a unique musical experience.


Goddard, a member of Hot Chip and a prolific music producer, is known for his electronic and dance music innovations. Discuss his role in Hot Chip, his solo projects, and his influence on the contemporary electronic music scene.


A revered DJ and music curator, Murphy is known for her eclectic selections and deep musical knowledge. Highlight her work as a radio host, her expertise in various genres, and her ability to create a journey through music.


A party and DJ collective known for their vibrant and energetic disco nights. Focus on their role in revitalizing the disco scene, their memorable parties, and their dedication to creating a fun, inclusive atmosphere.


DJ duo known for their smooth blends of disco, house, and eclectic beats. Emphasize their rising popularity, their ability to create a seamless musical journey, and their commitment to bringing feel-good vibes to the dance floor.


A veteran DJ and producer, Beedle is known for his contributions to the UK dance music scene. Discuss his influential remixes, his genre-spanning DJ sets, and his impact on the evolution of dance music.


Fat Tony is a renowned DJ known for his dynamic and energetic sets that span across a wide range of genres. With a career marked by versatility, he brings a unique blend of classic hits and contemporary sounds, ensuring a vibrant and memorable experience for the audience.


A legendary figure in hip hop, KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) is celebrated for his impactful lyrics and powerful delivery. As a rapper, producer, and activist, he has been a defining voice in the genre, known for his social commentary and influence on hip hop culture. His performances are not just concerts, but experiences filled with energy, wisdom, and the true essence of hip hop.


TJ Bukem, born Danny Williamson, is a seminal figure in drum and bass, known for blending jazz, ambient, and atmospheric elements into the genre. Rising to prominence in the early 1990s, his track "Demon's Theme" marked a shift towards a more melodic drum and bass style. He founded Good Looking Records, which was instrumental in promoting atmospheric drum and bass through the influential "Logical Progression" series. Bukem's DJ sets and productions are revered for their eclecticism and depth, significantly shaping the evolution of drum and bass music.


Yidah is an emerging artist in the electronic music scene, known for a sound that blends various styles to create a distinctive musical experience. While there might be limited mainstream information available about Yidah, artists in the electronic genre often gain recognition through live performances, online music platforms, and collaborations with other artists. Yidah's work might encompass a range of electronic sub-genres, and like many in this field, they could be involved in producing tracks, remixes, and performing DJ sets. The electronic music scene is known for its diverse and ever-evolving nature, and artists like Yidah contribute to its richness and variety.


Mad Professor, born Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser, is a renowned dub music producer and a key figure in the genre's evolution. Originating from Guyana and based in London, he rose to fame in the 1980s with his innovative "Dub Me Crazy" series, blending traditional reggae with psychedelic and electronic elements. His work, notably his collaboration with Massive Attack on "No Protection," has significantly influenced both dub and electronic music. Mad Professor's Ariwa Sounds studio remains a crucial hub for British reggae and dub, showcasing his pioneering role in the music industry.


Trojan Sound System is an influential British reggae sound system, formed by the legendary reggae label Trojan Records. Known for their dynamic live shows, they blend classic Jamaican sounds with contemporary influences, maintaining the rich heritage of Trojan Records. The system includes selectors, DJs, and vocalists who bring together a mix of traditional reggae, ska, and rocksteady, infused with modern elements. Their performances are celebrated for their energy and ability to connect with diverse audiences, keeping the spirit of Trojan's historic contribution to reggae music alive. Through their shows and recordings, Trojan Sound System plays a vital role in both preserving and evolving the sound system culture in the UK and beyond.


808 State, formed in 1987 in Manchester, England, is a pioneering group in the acid house and rave music scenes. Named after the Roland TR-808 drum machine, they are known for their groundbreaking work in electronic music. Their 1989 album "Ninety" and the single "Pacific State" were pivotal in popularizing acid house. 808 State's sound is characterized by its fusion of techno, house, and ambient music, making them influential figures in the development of electronic dance music. Their experimentation with different styles and use of technology in music production has left a lasting impact on the genre, cementing their legacy as innovators and trendsetters in electronic music.


Zed Bias, the stage name of Dave Jones, is a key figure in the UK garage and broken beat scenes. Renowned for his pioneering work in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he is most famous for the track "Neighbourhood," which became an anthem in the UK garage scene. Bias' style blends elements of garage, house, and R&B, and he is credited with helping to shape the sound of UK garage and its sub-genres, including dubstep and bassline. His influence extends beyond his own productions, as he has also mentored and influenced a generation of producers and DJs in the UK's udnerground music scene. Zed Bias is celebrated for his innovative approach to music production and his contribution to the evolution of UK music.


Graeme Park is a revered figure in the British house music scene, known for his influential role in the rise of house music in the UK during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He gained prominence as a resident DJ at the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, where he played a pivotal role in introducing and popularizing house music to British club-goers. Park's sets were characterized by their eclectic mix of American house, techno, and European dance music, helping to shape the sound and culture of the UK dance scene. His long-standing career in DJing and music curation, marked by his keen ear for new sounds and trends, has made him a respected and enduring figure in the world of dance music.


Donae'o, born Ian Greenidge, is a British singer, rapper, and producer recognized for his significant contributions to contemporary UK music, especially in genres like UK funky, grime, and hip-hop. His 2009 hit "Party Hard" catapulted him to fame within the UK funky scene. Donae'o's music distinctively merges African and Caribbean rhythms with modern electronic beats, influencing the UK's vibrant music scene. He is known for his dynamic collaborations across various music styles and is celebrated for his versatility, adaptability, and energetic performance style, solidifying his status in the UK's diverse music landscape.


Toby Tobias is a UK-based DJ and producer known in the electronic music scene for his eclectic style that spans across various genres, including house, disco, and techno. He has garnered attention for his ability to blend these styles seamlessly in both his DJ sets and production work. Tobias has released music on respected labels in the dance music community, showcasing a range of influences from classic house to more experimental sounds. His tracks often feature a mix of organic and electronic elements, demonstrating his broad musical range and deep understanding of dance music's history and evolution. Toby Tobias has established himself as a versatile figure in the electronic music world, respected for his unique sound and commitment to the craft of DJing and production.


Il Bosco is a DJ and producer known in the underground electronic music scene, particularly recognized for his work in genres like disco, house, and techno. Based in the UK, Il Bosco has made a name for himself through his deep crate digging, unearthing rare and obscure tracks to create unique and compelling DJ sets. He's often associated with a raw, unpolished sound that harks back to the early days of dance music, blending classic and contemporary influences. His work, whether in DJ sets or productions, reflects a passion for the roots and culture of electronic music, making him a respected figure among enthusiasts of the genre. Il Bosco's dedication to exploring the lesser-known corners of dance music history has contributed to his reputation as a curator of rare and eclectic sounds in the electronic music community.


Ali Renault, a UK-based artist, is recognized in the electronic music scene for his distinctive blend of Italo disco, electro, and synthwave. His productions are known for their rich, atmospheric soundscapes, combining vintage synthesizer sounds with modern production techniques. Renault co-founded the record label Cyber Dance Records, which has been instrumental in showcasing similar genres and artists. His work often features lush, melodic synthesizers and driving rhythms, drawing inspiration from the 1980s electronic music while infusing it with contemporary flair. Ali Renault's contributions, both as a producer and label co-owner, have made him a respected figure in the realm of electronic music, particularly for those who favor the retro-futuristic sounds of Italo disco and synthwave.


Dusky, a London-based duo consisting of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, is widely recognized in the electronic music scene for their unique blend of house, techno, and UK garage. Since their emergence in 2011, Dusky has become known for their deep, melodic, and sometimes moody sound that crosses the boundaries of several electronic music genres. Their tracks, characterized by intricate melodies and robust basslines, have gained widespread acclaim in both underground and mainstream circles. Dusky has released music on notable labels, including their own imprint, 17 Steps, showcasing a range of sounds from club-ready anthems to more introspective electronic compositions. Their ability to bridge the gap between accessibility and depth has made them a favorite among a wide spectrum of electronic music enthusiasts.


Tiger Balm, in the context of music, is relatively less known in the mainstream electronic or dance music scenes. Given the dynamic nature of the music industry, especially within genres like electronic, dance, and experimental music, Tiger Balm could be an emerging artist, a DJ, a producer, or a music collective. Such artists often gain recognition through live performances, music festivals, underground scenes, or digital music platforms. They might be known for a specific style or for blending various influences to create a unique sound. Without more specific information, it's challenging to provide a detailed overview of Tiger Balm's contributions or style in the music world.


Ivan Smagghe, a French DJ and producer, is recognized in the electronic music scene for his eclectic and avant-garde approach to DJing and music production. Known for blurring the lines between genres, Smagghe's style traverses techno, electro, and leftfield, often infused with a dark, cerebral edge. He gained prominence in the early 2000s, particularly through his association with the Parisian club scene and as part of the duo Black Strobe. Smagghe's DJ sets are celebrated for their unpredictability and wide-ranging musical selection, reflecting his deep knowledge and diverse taste in music. His influence extends beyond the decks, as he's also respected for his innovative studio work and contributions to various compilations and remix projects, solidifying his status as a key figure in the underground electronic music community.


Norris "Da Boss" Windross is a highly influential figure in the UK garage scene, known for his significant contributions as a DJ and producer. He rose to prominence in the 1990s, becoming one of the key figures in shaping the sound and culture of UK garage music. Norris Windross is renowned for his DJ sets that blend classic garage tunes with contemporary beats, characterized by a mix of rhythmic basslines, choppy beats, and soulful vocals. His style and skills behind the decks have earned him a reputation as a master of the genre, able to energize and captivate audiences. Beyond DJing, his work in production and event promotion has also played a vital role in the development and popularity of UK garage music, making him a respected and pivotal figure in the genre.


Matt Jam Lamont is a pioneering figure in the UK garage and house music scenes, known for his influential DJ sets and production work. Emerging in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he played a crucial role in shaping the UK garage sound and co-founded the Tuff Jam record label, releasing classic garage tracks. Lamont's seamless blend of garage, house, and R&B in his DJ sets has made him a respected and enduring figure in the music industry, contributing significantly to the evolution of garage and house music.


The Secret DJ is an anonymous figure in the electronic music industry who gained notoriety for their candid and insightful writings about the DJ and nightlife culture. Writing under the pseudonym, they have shared personal stories, opinions, and insider insights on the challenges and experiences of being a DJ and navigating the electronic music scene. The Secret DJ's writings often touch on the highs and lows of the industry, shedding light on the less glamorous aspects of the profession. While their true identity remains hidden, their writings have provided an authentic and often humorous perspective on the world of electronic music, resonating with DJs and fans alike.




Dan Avery is a British electronic music producer and DJ known for his genre-blurring approach to techno, house, and electronic pop. His debut album "Drone Logic," released in 2013, garnered critical acclaim and showcased his talent for melding driving rhythms with melodic and atmospheric elements. Avery's contributions to the electronic music scene have solidified his reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking artist, making him a respected figure in the industry.


Ray Keith is an iconic figure in the UK jungle and drum and bass music scenes, renowned for his pioneering contributions as a DJ, producer, and label owner. His breakthrough track "Terrorist" in the early 1990s became a legendary anthem, solidifying his status in the genre. Ray Keith's distinctive style is marked by thunderous basslines, intricate breakbeats, and atmospheric soundscapes, making him a revered figure among fans of jungle and drum and bass. His label, Dread Recordings, has been a driving force in the scene, consistently delivering influential tracks and nurturing emerging talent. Ray Keith's enduring influence and dedication to the genre have earned him a prominent place in the global electronic music community.


Katie Bar­ber has a long and var­ied his­to­ry as a DJ and pro­mot­er, one that sees her firm­ly estab­lished as high­ly in demand not just in Lon­don and the UK but through­out the globe. Katie caught the DJ bug back in the ear­ly 90s but things real­ly kicked off for her at the tail end of the decade with res­i­den­cies for the Dora­do record label and Patrick Forge and Phil Asher’s high­ly influ­en­tial Inspi­ra­tion Infor­ma­tion nights at the Not­ting Hill Arts Club. Since then she’s per­formed and held down res­i­den­cies at a myr­i­ad of fes­ti­vals includ­ing Glas­ton­bury, The Big Chill and Croatia’s Gar­den Fes­ti­val , clubs such as The End, Fab­ric and Plas­tic Peo­ple and famed nights like Need 2 Soul, Faith and Co-Op. She’s played along­side a roll call of some of the world’s finest DJs includ­ing Ker­ri Chan­dler, DJ Deep, Jerome Syden­ham, King Britt, DJ Spin­na, Kariz­ma, Nor­man Jay & the Idjut Boys to name just a few. Doors at 6pm, selec­tions from 9pm.


Born in 1996 beneath the decks of Park Roy­al’s famous Georgie par­ties, Jaw‑G grew up sur­round­ed by house and tech­no, raised on a son­ic diet of Sasha and Andrew Weather­all. Jaw-G’s sets move flu­id­ly between the old and new. Intro­duc­ing dancers to gems found in the dusty cor­ners of records shops as well as on Band­camp rab­bit holes, she is on an end­less pur­suit of dance tracks with flair, groove, and hyp­not­ic rhythms. She has a month­ly Mar­gate Radio show and co-found­ed Femme Fies­ta, a Mar­gate-based par­ty plat­form­ing women and non-bina­ry folk, with DJ friend Katya


Yuri Suzuki is a renowned Japanese designer and sound artist, celebrated for his innovative and interactive installations that explore the relationship between sound, technology, and human interaction. His work, which includes unique musical instruments and sound-based installations, challenges traditional concepts of sound and music. Suzuki's projects, often integrating cutting-edge technology, invite audience participation, creating immersive and engaging experiences. His international exhibitions have earned acclaim for their creative and playful approach, making him a significant figure in the fields of contemporary art and design, known for transforming the ways we interact with sound and music in our daily lives.


Eat Ethio, distinct from its culinary aspects, also encompasses a unique music project that delves into the diverse and rich sounds of Ethiopian music. This initiative is a vibrant exploration of Ethiopia's musical heritage, featuring an array of traditional and contemporary styles. The project may include curated music events, DJ sets, and compilations that showcase the depth and breadth of Ethiopian music. These might range from the classic sounds of Ethio-jazz, pioneered by artists like Mulatu Astatke, to contemporary genres that fuse traditional Ethiopian elements with modern influences. By integrating music into its overall experience, Eat Ethio offers a holistic appreciation of Ethiopian culture, extending far beyond the realm of food and into the dynamic world of music and art.


Paul "Mudd" Murphy is recognized in the music industry as a talented DJ, producer, and record label owner, particularly noted for his contributions to the downtempo and balearic music scenes. He co-founded the Claremont 56 record label, which is renowned for its eclectic and carefully curated releases that span a variety of genres, with a focus on lush, atmospheric, and often exotic sounds. Mudd's own musical productions and DJ sets are characterized by their blend of ambient, electronic, and world music influences, creating a sound that is both soothing and engaging. His work often features collaborations with other artists, bringing diverse influences and sounds into his projects. Mudd's dedication to high-quality, emotionally resonant music has earned him a dedicated following and respect within the global electronic music community, marking him as a key figure in the promotion and evolution of downtempo and balearic sounds.


Sounds of the Universe is a revered record store located in Soho, London, known for its vast and diverse collection of vinyl records. As part of the Soul Jazz Records family, it offers a wide range of genres including jazz, soul, funk, electronic, and world music. The store is a cultural hub for music enthusiasts, featuring new, rare, and second-hand vinyl. With its knowledgeable staff and association with the respected Soul Jazz label, Sounds of the Universe is not just a retail space but a key spot for music discovery, events, and community engagement, embodying London's rich musical heritage and serving as a beloved destination for music lovers globally.


Alice Palace is a DJ known for her vibrant and eclectic sets that blend a variety of genres, including disco, house, and techno. Her style is characterized by a mix of infectious rhythms and diverse selections, showcasing her versatility as a DJ. Alice Palace's performances are noted for their energy and ability to engage the audience, making her sets an interactive and memorable experience. While she may be relatively new to the scene compared to more established names, she is quickly gaining recognition for her unique approach and passion for music, contributing to the dynamic landscape of electronic and dance music.


JKriv, also known as Jason Kriveloff, is a highly respected figure in the contemporary dance music scene, known for his work as a DJ, producer, and bassist. He stands out for his versatile musical style that encompasses disco, house, and funk, blending classic sensibilities with a modern touch. JKriv's deep knowledge of music, combined with his skilled production and remixing techniques, has earned him acclaim in the dance music community. He's also a co-founder of the label Razor-N-Tape, which is celebrated for its high-quality releases that often pay homage to the roots of dance music while pushing its boundaries forward. JKriv's contributions as a musician extend beyond his solo work; he's a member of the live disco band Escort, known for their energetic performances and authentic disco sound. His dedication to the craft and ability to create vibrant, soulful, and groove-fil


Rahaan is a renowned DJ and producer, particularly celebrated in the realms of disco, house, and funk music. Originally from Chicago, a city with a rich musical heritage, especially in house music, Rahaan has been an active figure in the music scene since the 1980s. He is known for his extensive collection of rare and classic vinyl records, which he skillfully incorporates into his high-energy DJ sets. Rahaan's style is characterized by a deep understanding and appreciation of dance music's roots, combined with a talent for keeping crowds engaged with a blend of classic tracks and contemporary sounds. His ability to seamlessly mix different genres and eras of music has made him a favorite in clubs and at music festivals worldwide. Rahaan's contributions to the dance music community extend beyond his DJ performances, as he is also recognized for his work in producing and remixing tracks, further solidifying his status as a respected and influential figure in the world of dance music.


Tom Furse is a musician and producer best known as a member of The Horrors, a British band that gained prominence for their unique blend of garage rock, gothic rock, and post-punk music. Beyond his work with The Horrors, Furse has distinguished himself through his solo projects and collaborations, exploring a diverse range of musical styles. His solo work often delves into electronic and experimental music, showcasing his versatility and willingness to push musical boundaries. Furse's expertise in synthesizers and electronic music production has contributed significantly to the distinctive sound of The Horrors and his other musical endeavors. His talent for melding different genres and creating immersive soundscapes has earned him recognition in the contemporary music scene, both as a band member and as an individual artist.


Noble & Heath are a dynamic DJ duo known for their expertise in playing rare soul, funk, and disco records. They have gained recognition for their ability to curate and spin classic tracks, often focusing on lesser-known gems that appeal to both enthusiasts and casual listeners. Their sets are characterized by a deep appreciation and understanding of the genres they specialize in, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for their audience. With a style that blends nostalgia with a contemporary edge, Noble & Heath have established themselves as sought-after DJs in the music scene, particularly among fans of vintage soul and funk music. Their passion for vinyl and the rich history of soul and funk music not only entertains but also educates their audience about these timeless genres.


Eddie Piller is a prominent figure in the British music scene, particularly known for his significant contributions to the mod revival movement. He co-founded the influential record label, Acid Jazz Records, which played a crucial role in the development and promotion of the acid jazz genre, a musical style blending elements of jazz, soul, funk, and hip-hop. Under his leadership, Acid Jazz Records nurtured the careers of numerous artists and had a lasting impact on the UK's music landscape. Piller's work extends beyond the label, encompassing DJing, radio broadcasting, and curating music compilations. His extensive knowledge and passion for music, particularly genres rooted in the 1960s and 1970s, have made him a respected figure in the industry and among music enthusiasts.