Launch­ingthis May

Faith In Strangers is a 350 capacity music, arts and culture venue, where you can look out over panoramic sunset sea views. In the evening, the space is brought to life by futuristic multi-channel audio, dynamic lighting and an inhouse broadcast station

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Faith in Strangers press 003

Faith In Strangers is a com­bined arts venue at its core, with a focus on music but a strong inter­est in every­thing else. The plan is to host arts, cul­ture, sci­ence, tech and ideas from all kinds of peo­ple from all kinds of places. In the day­time, the same build­ing is a work­space com­mu­ni­ty of free­lance cre­atives. Open­ing to the pub­lic for table ser­vice on May 21st fol­low­ing restric­tions, with full capac­i­ty launch on June 24th. Ini­tial­ly the bar will be open Thurs­day — Sat­ur­days from 6pm — late with plans to expand as the year progresses.

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    May 21st - Table Service

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    June 24th - Full Launch

At its foun­da­tion lies an open plan 350 capac­i­ty venue spread across a 6000 sq ft site with views across the DJ booth expand­ing out to Mar­gate’s kalei­do­scop­ic skies and sea, sun­set sets will be a promi­nent fea­ture of the venue util­is­ing the far-reach­ing views of the hori­zon. Inside lies soft fur­nish­ings aplen­ty cre­at­ing a house par­ty feel. These refined touch­es rarely coex­ist along­side the futur­is­tic ener­gy that is usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with venues of this type.

Faith In Strangers want to cre­ate a plat­form for artists, per­form­ers, thinkers and cre­ative minds that often occu­py under-cel­e­brat­ed realms yet war­rant an audi­ence. A cul­tur­al pro­gramme rang­ing from selec­tors to sci­en­tists with a mix­ture of local tal­ent and fur­ther afield will be announced over the com­ing weeks and months.

Bar At Night
The bar at night

The founders have con­jured up a unique blend of sound and light for audi­ences to enjoy. The venue hosts a unique mul­ti­chan­nel array set up of Funk­tion One speak­ers with Full Fat Audio amps. 18 speak­ers placed around the venue cre­ates the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make spa­tial sound scapes along with sep­a­rate indi­vid­ual out­puts, evok­ing a sense of the­atre that immers­es the audi­ence from enter­ing the build­ing. An ana­logue high fideli­ty stereo pair is also in the works with more info to follow.

Bespoke light­ing fea­tures sur­round the perime­ter of the venue offer­ing mood light­ing dur­ing the atmos­pher­ic moments to full club mode dur­ing oth­ers. The data dri­ven light­ing sys­tem has been plant­ed into the heart of the build­ing with every­thing thriv­ing around it. Light inter­ac­tion will play a lead­ing role for rev­ellers as they will be able to inter­act with the build­ing itself through move­ment, ges­tures and input from the cus­tomers themselves.

Stairway Of Faith
Stair­way Of Faith

Live broad­cast will play a major role with­in the space. The venue has been designed to har­ness con­tent from mul­ti­ple dif­fer­ent cam­era set ups rang­ing from tap­ping into their CCTV, PTZ cams and DSLRs setups. The one-of-a-kind set­up will be con­trolled from a broad­cast booth with up to 21 sta­t­ic and adjustable cam­eras spaced at key points giv­ing a ground­break­ing amount of con­trol to any stream or record­ing. The idea is to turn the venue into a satel­lite, plat­form­ing and trans­mit­ting vehi­cle for those that could not attend in per­son giv­ing glob­al reach. Faith In Strangers will cap­ture moments and cre­ate episod­ic con­tent for future view­ing once events start­up once again.

The team will be equipped to enable art, music, per­for­mance and talks to be broad­cast, record­ed, edit­ed and made avail­able as pro­duced con­tent with­in the venue. The founders have built the venue with the future of art and inter­ac­tiv­i­ty in mind. In prac­ti­cal terms this trans­lates in unique­ly designed instal­la­tions that can be con­trolled by artists and the audience.


Dur­ing the day, Faith In Strangers tran­si­tions into a work­space with hot desks, hot sofa’s and hot sun loungers. The mono­lith­ic con­crete bar dou­bles up as a meet­ing point and com­mu­nal lunch area, where the work­space com­mu­ni­ty can help them­selves to drinks through­out the day as the cir­ca­di­an light­ing, ambi­ent playlist and sea views cre­ate a per­fect envi­ron­ment to work in. 

Faith In Strangers is essen­tial­ly liv­ing a sec­ond life as a shared work­space com­mu­ni­ty for indi­vid­u­als and col­lab­o­ra­tors in the cre­ative, artis­tic, design and well­be­ing sec­tors. Access to the work­space is £120 and by appli­ca­tion. The com­mu­nal work­space then tran­si­tions, with care­ful cura­tion of sound, light­ing and scents, into a bar atmos­phere from 6pm, dur­ing the week and ear­li­er on weekends.

Faith In Strangers is a con­cept that doesn’t appear very often, if at all. Har­ness­ing the founders core beliefs of cre­at­ing the very best expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble with­in a space that can evolve and change through­out the day/​night cycle. The team have reimag­ined one of Margate’s famous old hang out spots to bring you a new 350 capac­i­ty cul­tur­al venue for music, art, ideas and good vibes. They believe that every one could have more Faith in Strangers if entre­pre­neur­ial spir­it, art and cul­ture were giv­en spaces to be shared in and room to flourish.

Bar In The Sun
Bar In The Sun